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Manage Negotiations

Negotiate with other users your Sale Commissions
In iGreebo it's possible to split the earnings of a content sale in between more than one user. Thanks to the trade agreements and network marketing features, users can faithfully reproduce on the marketplace any pre existing agreement with third parties or create new ones. Negotiations allow users to bargain the sale commissions in between themselves for every single content, until the achievement of an agreement. During the negotiation users can accept, reject or relaunch the offer received by the counterparty. An agreement takes effect when it's approved by both parties. In case of sale of a content subject to an agreement in between the users, the system splits the proceeds immediately and credits to each user its part of credit automatically. Users can view in the economic report the details for each source of income generated by the marketplace. iGreebo will never charge commissions on agreements reached in between the users.

Binding and non-binding agreements
Some agreements are binding in between the parties and are no longer editable once approved. Other agreements can be eliminated by either party at any time. All negotiations are detailed with all the information and the implications for the type of agreement.

Depending Features
All the features managed with the Negotiations