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Promo Events

The Promo Events is a free network marketing feature that allows you to multiply the dissemination of your events through the help of other profiles. In addition to the events page of your profile and to the public Events Search, this feature makes it possible to use friend profiles to promote your events in a perspective of network marketing. Using the Promo Events you can increase the spread of the news and reach new circles of users.

How to Use
Publish your event on other profiles

To ask other profiles to publish your event you need to go to your events and modify the event you want to divulge. Scroll down the event configuration page until you reach the Promo Events section, click on Add profile, start to insert the name of the profile on which you want to share the event and follow the instructions. Once you have added the profiles, click on Save at the bottom of the page to complete the editing of the event. After saving, launch the authorization request by clicking on Authorize under the voice Promo Events that in the meantime has appeared on the event page. The status of requests for authorization is available on the negotiations page. Once that one by one the counterparties have authorized, your event will be published on the profiles that you have chosen.