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Terms of Use

For a better user experience
iGreebo allows you to publish and promote events around the world in a simple and innovative way. Of each event is given an appropriate description, and for each event are shown geographic area, type of event, type of location, music genre, date, time, age range and type of access. All this information will be used by users to refine their Events Search, improving the quality of the results provided and then the browsing experience. Is therefore essential that the data entered are real and not fictitious in order to avoid the disaffection of users with respect to your activities, as well as to avoid producing an injury to the community.

Responsibility for content

Responsibility for content published
The user who publishes events assumes all liability with respect to the data entered and in particular to their veracity. The user who publishes therefore agrees to assume responsibility for any damages caused by or arising from the total or partial non-veracity of the information published on iGreebo, in particularly through 'events'. This document is an extension of the General Terms and Conditions of iGreebo and the user, in order to publish events, will have to accept from time to time, through a special check box, also the above terms and conditions.