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Sale Conditions

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Publication and sale of digital music
The iGreebo user owner of a profile that provides for the delivery of multimedia content in digital format has the opportunity, as appropriate, to sell such content in two different ways called album and compilation, which will be better delineated in the Types of Publication, being radically different.

Full Free Listening, Partial Free Listening, Listening only after purchase
Depending on the type of publication selected, the user can decide independently for each track wether to make available to users free listening of the entire song or of part of it (by setting duration, the starting point and initial and final fading effects), or allow it only after purchasing the song or the entire album. In case of complete free listening, the user can decide whether to allow free download of the song.

Zero fees on the sale price
Being considered a hosting platform, iGreebo does not retain any commission on the sale of music and the user can decide independently the price of each song, album or compilation published in your profile. In case of sale, the user will receive the full amount agreed on the credit of the master data related to the profile. The sales price is a mandatory, despite being given the opportunity to allow both free listening and download of each track. Since album and compilation require a different management of selling prices and distribution of earnings, for more information on this topic please refer to Types of publication.

Additional burdens and fiscal responsibility
Every retail price indicated must be inclusive of all taxes provided by the legislation of the country where you reside and work. The user who sells digital media is aware that, perceiving the full amount of the sale without application of any commission or curtailment by iGreebo, is the only person liable to the tax authorities in relation to the statement of income earned through the portal and the payment of any taxes if under the laws of their country.

Suggested music and production agreements
In addition to direct sales on their profile, iGreebo allows artists and publishers to create a real sales network through different functionalities. If for example you want to broaden the audience of your potential buyers and fans, it is possible to publish their albums and their compilation in the suggested music of other profiles, agreeing through a telematic negotiation for the percentage fee to be sold to the host profile in case of sale generated by it. Of course, in the same way, you may decide to publish in your suggested music the productions of others, gaining the percentage fee agreed in the event of a sale that is generated from your profile. The user also has the option to set his media campaigns on pay-per-click or pay-per-sell, indicating the daily budget in the first case or the fee percentage in the second. Finally, if an album or a compilation are produced with a sharing of costs between artist and label, iGreebo gives the possibility to conclude an electronic contract called production agreements stating that the artist automatically assigns the fee agreed between the parties relating to the sale of a specific album or song contained therein.

Protection of the Rights of Author

Ownership of content and copyright
The artist owner of a user profile that provides for the direct sales of its music must hold legitimate ownership of the copyrights of all the media published and offered for sale. The user owner of the profile also declares, under his sole responsibility, that the copyrights of such content are not protected or managed by third parties or entities or, alternatively, to hold a regular permission to publish and / or sale issued by the subjects wich own such rights.

Limitations of Liability
As iGreebo does not receive any commission on the sale of music, being in connection with this service a simple hosting platform, the user who publishes and / or sells any kind of multimedia content agrees to respond personally and severally for any violation regarding the legislation on protection of copyright, in relation to the injured parties or the protectors of the rights, and raises iGreebo from any liability for damages caused by or arising from the total or partial loss of income from commissions or royalties due to third parties. The user who publishes and sells music artist in digital format also states to submit to the regulations in force in the country of residence and is aware that in the event of a criminal investigation related to disputes relating to copyright, iGreebo reserves the right to provide, at the request of competent authorities and after an independent assesment, the printouts of the sales subject of the dispute, in order to allow the quantification of economic loss derived from the infringement, if this is actually proven.

Suspension and deletion of profiles and accounts
In the case of serious or repeated violations of legislation on the copyright of the music content offered for sale, iGreebo reserves the sole right to temporarily or permanently delete any profile that does not conform to the rules, as well as to suspend the granting of any credit unduly gained by users through illegal acts or though acts wich does not comply with terms of use.