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Terms of Use

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Before using iGreebo we invite you to carefully read the terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree with any of these provisions, you are advised not to use the Website in any of its services. By accessing or using the platform, registering an account, or simply taking advantage of the site in any form, you state and warrant that you have read and understood the conditions of use and the Privacy Policy Privacy. You also declare that you are 18 years of age or older, or that you are 13 years of age or older and are authorized to use the portal by your parents, or whoever takes their place.
iGreebo reserves the right to change, replace, or otherwise modify these Terms of Use, the community Guidelines and the Privacy Policy at any time. The last modification date is given at the end of this page. It is your responsibility to check this page from time to time to follow updates. If the section on terms and conditions is substantially modified, such an event will be reported to the users through the modes we deem most appropriate and transparent. The user informed of the changes relating to the conditions of use that decides not to delete the account over a period of 30 days, automatically adheres to the new terms offered by the site.

Purpose and Features of iGreebo
The website is a hosting service. Registered users can consult, submit, upload, post and sell audio tracks, text, photos, images, commercial products, merchandising, gadgets, physical media, books, comments, and other contents, data or information ('Content') which will be stored by iGreebo under the their direction.The content of profiles, once made public, can be shared and distributed by owners to other users of the platform, using the tools and features that the website provides as part of the Services.
The user, under his sole responsibility, has the opportunity to take advantage of the platform and the services offered by iGreebo to sell products merchandising, music, presale events and other services wich will be added to the portal. In the event of a sale of Commodity Products the seller user declares to be able to demonstrate at all times his title to the objects offered for sale on iGreebo and to have a sale authorization in accordance with the provisions of the present law in the country in which he operates. In the case of Songs the seller user declares that his songs are not in any way protected or managed by third parties with regard to the rights, that he has the intellectual and legal property of them, and that he is respecting the regulations in force in the country in which he operates. In the case of Presales Events the seller user agrees to adhere to the regulations in force in the country in which he operates and declares to pay autonomously, where applicable, all contributions and other taxes. (iGreebo does not perform that operation because the website doesn't shares any of the profits of the users).

Modes of Registration
The user who intends to make the Registration requires a single email address and a single password to gain access to all profiles and master data he creates using his account. You must make sure that the email address provided in the registration is and remains valid, because once you have registered you can not transfer contents, profiles, credit and user data from a registration email to another. Your email address and any other information you choose to provide will be treated in accordance with the rules on Privacy. Registration must be authenticated by a confirmation email to the email address specified by the user. Some services can only be used after the registration. Sign up to use the platform is done by inserting a unique email and password, in addition to the provision of certain personal data useful in identifying the person, the geographical area of relevance and the age of the user, in order to improve the targeting and reporting of activities posted on the site by users, according to criteria of intelligent disclosure. Once registration is done the user can access all of the website services including the creation of one or more public Profiles related to bands, clubs, musical events, labels, shop, advertisers, event organizers, public relations and other categories wich will be added to the site through periodic upgrades of functionalities.

Management of personal information through the Master Data
With iGreebo you can create one or more Master Data containing your sensitive data. You can associate each master data to one of your Profiles so as to easily separate the accounting of Sales, Purchases and Credit. Master data can be associated with one or more profiles and must be filled with real information, in order to sell, buy and receive shipments of music, gadgets, pre-sales and services.

Terms of Consultation and Purchase

Terms of consultation and purchase for content posted by users
The user who decides to view the content of the site tacitly accepts the present conditions and can not under any circumstances consider iGreebo responsible for contents published and sold independently by other users and for any damage they cause. The user who decides to buy products and services must accept the specific conditions of each purchased content (music, products, pre-sales) prior to completion of the order. The user is aware that the purchase order of goods is perfected in a binding agreement between the purchaser user and one or more seller users, and not between the purchaser user and iGreebo. Here are viewable special conditions relating to all contents available on the platform.
- Terms and conditions of purchase of Digital Music
- Terms and conditions of purchase of Products and Merchandising

The role of iGreebo in commercial transactions between users
In the context of the sale, iGreebo acts only as a operative means that allows and regulates commercial transactions, equally protecting buyer and seller. The Master Data The master data of the suppliers of every product or service are communicated to buyers at the order and can be consulted indefinitely by them in the Purchases archive, also allowing direct contact between the parties. Similarly, the purchaser user agrees that the Master Data with which he/she completes the purchase is recorded and made available indefinitely in the Sales archive of each supplier of the purchased products (excluding audio tracks in digital format), in order to allow fulfillment of the obligations of the law in force in the countries in which each supplier operates.

Conditions of Publishing and sale

Terms di publishing and sale for content posted by users
The conditions of publication and sale of specific contents are supplementary to this General Terms and Conditions page and have value for users who intend to become active in the iGreebo community. The user who publishes and sells content through the iGreebo profiles assumes full responsibility for his/her actions, including the obligation to comply with the regulations in force in his/her country of residence relating to the trade of the goods and services that he/she decides to put on up on sale on the site. Here are viewable the specific conditions of publishing and sale relating to all contents available on iGreebo.
- Terms and conditions of sale of Digital Music
- Terms and conditions of sale of Products and Merchandising
- Terms and conditions of publishing of Events and Live! Finder Ads

Terms of use of the Sale and Divulgation Networws
By way of the the sale and divulgation networws you can publish and sell your content (audio tracks, shop products, presale events etc.) also on other profiles of your property or owned third parties, in order to weave a network of distribution that increases the chances of consultation and sale. For each profile you want to enter in the sale and divulgation network of a certain content, if the content is also put on sale, you will have to set the mandatory fee (from 5% to 25%) to give to that profile in case of a purchase generated by it. The ability to differentiate the commission for each content and for each profile of the sales network gives the user total freedom to create new business relationships that are beneficial to all. The following rules are to be considered part of the general conditions of use on this page and are grouped by type of publishable content.
- Terms and Conditions of Suggested Music
- Terms and Conditions of the Sales Network for Products and Merchandising
- Terms and Conditions of the Divulgation Network for Events

Conditions of Third party Publishing and Sale

Obligations in Publishing and Selling Content on behalf of Partner Profiles
By way of its third party sales and divulgation features, iGreebo allows you to publish and sell content, goods and services provided on behalf of other profiles (such as a supplier of t-shirts that manufactures, sells and manages the delivery of a personalized shirt for account of a band, or an event organizer that manages the planning and pre-sales for a musical event or a club owned by third parties.). If the content in question is made for the sale, the Manager profile (producer of the customized content, good or service) has the right and obligation to bargain electronically with the Managed profile (requesting the good, the content or the service) the fee (between 1% and 99%) earned by the Managed profile for each sale of the content, good or service sold by the sales network. As soon as the fee is approved by both parties, the agreement becomes binding and the publication starts as a result of the user's request. The Manager profile and The Managed profile can create and self-manage the sales network and the divulgation network of any content posted, setting the fees (between 5% and 25% if contemplated), to be paid in the event of a sale generated by each profile included in the sales network, including the Manager profile itself, and the Managef profile itself. Each profile in the sales network and in the divulgation network must approve independently the publication and / or the proposed fee before starting the publishing. The following supplementary rules are specific to each type of content manageable through the third party sale and divulgation system.
- Terms and Conditions of the Production Agreements
- Terms and conditions for Third Party Sale of Products and Merchandising

Limitations of Liability in Third Party Sale and Divulgation
In this context, iGreebo acts only as an instrument for the management of commercial bargaining between the parties and as an automated system of allocation of earnings in case of sale, by applying to the letter the conditions set and approved by both partners, without the possibility of unilateral change after the approval of the Agreement. Since the agreement is reached independently between the Manager profile (the holder user of the service) and the Managed profile (the user requesting the service), iGreebo is not responsible or liable for any damages resulting from or caused to one counterparty, or caused to the purchasers of the content published and / or sold in collaboration. The responsibilities for the distribution of any good or service sold falls unilaterally on the Manager profile, or the entity that according to the agreement between the parties has the burden of providing the good or service requested by the Managed profile.

Credit Management and Payment System

Collect Sales and Revenues on your PayPal account
Given that all trading transactions are made between a buyer user and a seller user (and not between a user and iGreebo), the payment system of the platform acts as a simple Virtual POS.
Thanks to this innovative payment system, users have the option to include in its cart and pay conveniently in a single solution, both music and other types of content, even if provided by different subjects. Following payment by the buyer, iGreebo performs the subdivision of purchase orders to the various sellers subjects, and credits to each seller the sum due for the relevant portion, which may be withdrawn at any time through the credit panel.

User Credit Beneficiary
When a user signs up for iGreebo a new master data is created with the personal data. From this moment, the user can create other master data (as a citizen or as a company) and manage them all with a single account. Each master data has its credit and the user that uses multiple master data to manage the profiles has at its disposal the separate and independent management of the credit for each registry.

Commissions on the Payment System
The pages regarding the payment system and its costs are to be considered an integral part of this document and contains useful and detailed information on the operating principle of the payment system and on the related costs.

Management of Currencies
The user credit is stored in EURO. The conversion to other currencies is purely fictional, is made for informational purposes and is calculated using public data feeds relating to the exchange rates between the various currencies. iGreebo has no control over the values of the conversion rates applied, and can only ensure regular monitoring of their efficiency. The seller user has the option to include the prices of his/her contents in the currency of his/her choice among those available. When another user purchases one of seller user's contents, the seller user is credited the sum in Euro corresponding to the price in foreign currency, converted with the rates valid at the time of purchase.

Limitations to the Withdrawal of Credit
If a content salable provides for unilateral choice of the seller a percentage refund to the purchaser in the event of cancellation of the service sold, the seller can withdraw from the credit of the master data related to the sale in question an amount such as to leave on the master data enough credit to issue a refund to users who are having the right. This restriction lasts until the deadline set unilaterally by the seller (usually the date of use of the service). After that date the amount derived from the sales in object enters in the effective availability of the seller and can not be refunded. Since the decisions and actions relating to the refunds to users are responsibility of the seller user, the user agrees to relieve iGreebo from any claim or request, and is aware that the website does not usually take a position in disputes between users. If abuses involving goods or services sold are repeatedly reported, and/or in cases of blatant fraud iGreebo can at its unquestionable judgment intervene by returning to the purchasers the credit earned illegally by the seller. The restitution can take place only if the seller credit is sufficient to issue the refund to buyers, otherwise the user accepts as the only alternative the legal dispute between buyer and seller, exempting iGreebo from any liability.

Sales Prices and Users Tax Return

Defining the Sale Price of Contents
The seller user has the obligation to associate with each product, good or service offered for sale on the platform iGreebo a price inclusive of all fiscal obligations and taxes (VAT included) contemplated by the legislation of the country in which the user operates and has a registered office. Tax compliance and sale authorizations necessary for the sale are the responsibility of the seller.

Defining the Shipping Costs
Each seller on iGreebo has the ability to define shipping costs and methods different for each item offered for sale. All shipments are made via courier by seller users, which receive the credit of the total amount dedicated to the shipment. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. For more information on national and international shipping costs applied to the products, please refer to Shipping Costs. As the sale is perfected by means of a binding contract between the seller user and the purchaser user, iGreebo has no responsibility for the the various trade operations, which are entirely under the responsability of the seller user.

Users Tax Return
iGreebo provides the user with a detailed economic report, including the list of all purchases and all sales. This reporting has no legal value, nor can it replace the tax documentation that the seller must submit under the terms of the law in force in the country in which user operates, but may be used to calculate the tax return by following the schema showed on the tax information page.

Cancellation of Content, Profiles, Master Data and Accounts

Cancellation of Content. Limitations
The user can irreversibly and permanently delete all content of his property (audio tracks, merchandising products, photos, videos, pre-sales, etc.) that is not tied to at least an economic transaction with other users. When you delete a content that is not related to economic transactions it will not leave traces in the archives of iGreebo, in accordance with the internal rules on the Privacy. If a content has been sold, the owner user who decides the cancellation accepts that the data relating to that content remain in the availability of users who have completed the purchase before the cancellation (a (in case of digital music the availability of the content includes storage and use). The deleted content will be in any case removed from all the public research features of the platform that are available to all users.

Cancellation of Profiles. Limitations
The user can delete any Profile of his property and all content associated with it and / or dependent on it. In the event that the profile to be deleted and its contents are not related to prior trade procedures resulting from economic transactions with other users, iGreebo will eliminate irreversibly and permanently the profile and all associated and dependent content( including any dealer and divulgation networks, any trade agreements with other users through third party sale and divulgation, any data regarding the preferences and the rating of users, any usage statistics and any other personal or sensitive information pertaining to deleted profile).
In the event that the user wants to delete a profile that has already been used for one or more economic transactions related to trade with other users and / or related to purchase and use of paid services offered by the platform iGreebo, the profile in question and all content related to economic transactions will be hidden from view of the owner and will no longer be available for public research. It will be anyway stored indefinitely in hidden mode, in order to allow all stakeholders of the economic transactions to comply within the legal obligations relating to both tax compliance and traceability of transactions. All contents of the deleted profile which are not related to economic transactions will instead be permanently and irreversibly deleted from the archives of iGreebo upon user request.
The url of the deleted profiles (let's say https://igreebo.com/official) will not be made available for future use again after deletion, therefore we invite you to consider deleting a profile only if clearly needed. If you expect a periodic or even permanent inactivity, you should instead use the Profile Deactivation features, which safeguard the possibility to reactivate it later. In case of cancellation of the profile all sensitive data related to the profile previously entered by the owner user will be delated.

Cancellation of Master Data. Limitations
Ihe Master Data submitted independently by the user can not be deleted if they are linked to profiles or content still active, or if linked to economic transactions. Otherwise, their deletion is permanent and irreversible and iGreebo ensures that all personal data will be effectively eliminated from any private or public archive. In case you want to delete a master data which is owner of or linked to content and/or profiles not connected to sales and economic transactions in general, it will be sufficient to associate with a new owner all content related to this master master data, in order to subsequently proceed to delete the master data in question. In the case of deleting an entire account, the master data related to the account in question will be deleted from the iGreebo general archive of master data, but will remain available indefinitely in the archives of sellers and buyers users with whom the owner user of the account in elimination has made a transaction.

Cancellation of Accounts. Limitations
Confirming the elimination of an entire account, iGreebo permanently and irreversibly deletes all content, profiles, personal data, preferences and activities relating to the account in question. All the limitations mentioned in the preceding three paragraphs, in the full context of the terms and conditions of use on this page, and in the related completing parts, will be applied to this general rule. Such restrictions, if provided, are intended to allow the traceability of financial transactions, and to allow the consultation of the user's sensitive data in the archives of suppliers and buyers with whom the user has made economic transactions relating to the sale of goods and services.

Protection of Users

User feedback on the reliability of the sellers
iGreebo develops with its users an agreement aimed at protecting the cummunity from threats and fraudulent behavior or conflicting with the terms of use. In particular, with regard to the shops, we require buyers to provide feedback evaluation of the seller, specifying whether the products purchased from different suppliers have actually been received, and if the delivery times indicated by the seller have been fulfilled. It is also planned to include a system of reporting abuse by wich users can report any activity carried out on iGreebo that is deemed improper, offensive or illegal conduct.

Actions for the protection of the Community
iGreebo will evaluate the behaviors of users that have been flagged as inappropriate, offensive or illegal, and, if necessary, will suspend and/or close one or more Profiles, one or more Master Data or an entire Account. This will result in the supension and/or interruption of services previously provided. If a master data is locked, any Credit associated with it will be refunded via paypal, unless the credit is the result of blatant fraud (in this case, the amounts will be returned to users that may have cheated, according to predefined procedures and scientific methods of evaluation applied to each case). By way of this system iGreebo protect the community from behaviors that do not comply with the conditions set out in this section or in other sections of the site.

Assistance on purchases
The assistance on products and services purchased by users through the portal, if contemplated, will be provided by the owners of the profiles from which products, goods and services were purchased. It thus exempts iGreebo from any responsibility for the provision of assistance regarding goods and services purchased by users and offered for sale by subjects not related to iGreebo. iGreebo will provide a system of reporting abuse in order to verify that users who generate business transactions behave according to the terms and conditions of the site, mantain an attitude of transparency, and are mindful of the correctness in the relationship between buyer and seller.

Limitations of Liability

The user is the unique responsible of his/her actions
The user exempts iGreebo from any liability associated with the content, or arising from the object published or offered for sale, as iGreebo is not the subject who sells / provides the good or service but simply the platform made freely available to users. By posting any type of content the user takes any responsibility for actions carried out through the features provided by the platform. By agreeing to these terms, the user agrees to exempt iGreebo, as well as its employees, managers, agents, and any entity in the iGreebo group, including its employees, managers etc., from any claim or demand for damages from third parties (such as damage produced by other users) that may arise from the violation of even one of the condition set forth herein, from the violation of the obligations of the law, or from the from the violation of the rights of others.

Reliability of the counterparties
Acting only as a regulator and a means, iGreebo has no role in trades that take place between users and between profiles autonomously and independently generated by users as a result of their activities on the site, and has no control or responsibility for the quality, safety, lawfulness of objects, services, or tracks offered for sale by users. iGreebo also can not verify the veracity and accuracy of the users or their ability to sell, buy and bid, nor can ensure that a seller user is actually able to complete a sale, or have the authorizations and/or concessions prescribed by the law in force in the country in which it operates.

Law and Jurisdiction
The terms of use and purchase of paid services provided directly by iGreebo are governed by Italian law. The court of Genoa (Italy) will be competent for any dispute between users or other subjects and iGreebo. For disputes relating to the purchase/booking of goods, products and services offered unilaterally by users on iGreebo, the user is obliged to direct action against the individuals or third-party companies not related to iGreebo who made the sale/booking of the good, product or service in question, conforming to the regulations and jurisdiction of the country in which the provider linked to the dispute operates.

Validity and original version of the Terms of Use
The original text in Italian language of these Terms and Conditions may have been translated into other languages. The translated version is unofficial and for illustrative purposes only, therefore null and void. In case of dispute and/or inconsistency or discrepancy between the Italian text and the translations in other languages ??of these Terms and Conditions, the Italian text shall prevail and be the final version. The Italian text is available on our Website by selecting the Italian language. In the event that any provision of these Terms and Conditions is invalid, lose validity, is or becomes non-binding, the user will continue to comply with all other provisions. In that case we will replace that clause with a clause that is valid and binding and has an effect as much as possible similar to the one replaced, and the user will agree to accept it in respect of the content and purposes of these Terms and Conditions.

General remarks on the completeness of the contents
iGreebo does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information contained in the informative pages of the portal. In no event iGreebo will be held responsible for damage caused by reliance of one or more users on the accuracy of such information. The content of this website may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. iGreebo also has no responsibility on external websites which can be accessed through links on the web pages.

Copyright and Property of Content

Restrictions on use of the Logo and Brand 'iGreebo' and to the Reproduction of Content
All components pertaining to the igreebo.com site are protected by trade laws and other laws. Logo, graphics, editorial info page texts, images of the website and in general all the structural content of the portal (not posted by users) can not be copied, reproduced or used for commercial purposes, for profit purposes, for illegal purposes, for defamation purposes, and in any case can not be copied, reproduced or used for any purpose without the express permission of iGreebo. Links to this site and use of the logo in low resolution for the preparation of articles of blogs and newspapers that have journalistic, informative, or critical purpose are instead allowed. All contents posted by users will always remain the property of users and may be protected by trade laws and other copyright laws, according to the will of their respective owners. iGreebo is not the owner of such content and is not responsible for them. Within the website may be present texts, logos and trade names that are not attributable to iGreebo, that are property of their respective owner trademarks and are also protected by copyright.

Property of the brand iGreebo
The title and ownership of the domain igreebo.com and of the platform iGreebo, except for all content published and sold by the users (music, shop products, events, pre-sales, etc.) are attributable to the Italian company iGreebo Srl. Registered office: Via Cesarea 12/5, 16121 Genova (IT). REA: 455.047 GE. VAT: IT02041580990.

Document version: 30/06/2016