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Privacy Statement

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Conditions on the confidentiality of personal data
This Directive on Privacy establishes the criteria for the use and sharing of Personally Identifiable Information ('PII', such as name, email address, postal address, telephone number, PayPal account, VAT) that members voluntarily provide to iGreebo at the time of registration (Registration PII) or in successive stages in order to use iGreebo services. The term 'User' refers to the single person registered on iGreebo. This Directive on Privacy applies to all services offered by iGreebo, including any URL with the brand iGreebo, the iGreebo application development service and other functions, the mobile communications services and any other features, content or applications that iGreebo may provide in the future in relation to the site igreebo.com. The iGreebo site is intended for the general public and does not knowingly collect PII concerning children under 18 years.
If necessary, iGreebo has the right to amend this Privacy Directive following industry initiatives, changes regarding the legislation or regarding the collection and use of PII, the services features and technologies; such changes are effective when they will be published on iGreebo.com. By continuing to use iGreebo services after the publication of an updated version of the Privacy Directive, the user tacitly accepts the Directive on Privacy and its subsequent amendments.

Collection and dissemination of information (personal identification or not) on iGreebo
User's details. iGreebo collects PII voluntarily provided by you in order to register you as a Member. He also may collect User's PII if the user chooses to participate in activities offered by the services provided by iGreebo, relating to the purchase and the sale of music and merchandising, the ad serving and the organization of pre-sales. User's data will not be disclosed to third parties except in the case where the disclosure is essential to the enjoyment of the goods and services purchased, such as the purchase of products that require shipping. In this case the user is notified in advance of the disclosure of his/her data, and can choose the Master Data with which to make the purchase.

Adhering to the iGreebo community the user subscribes and agrees to the said conditions relating to the processing of his/her personal data and to the processing of any data concerning companies or associations of which he is the holder, owner, CEO or president.

Use of Master Data

Storage of personal information through Master Data
With iGreebo you can create one or more Master Data containing your sensitive data. You can associate each master data to one of your Profiles so as to easily separate the accounting of Sales, Purchases and Credit. Master data can be associated with one or more profiles and must be filled with real information, in order to sell, buy and receive shipments of music, gadgets, pre-sales and services. To use some advanced features of iGreebo you may need to do a verification of the data entered through the provision of documents to prove their truthfulness.
The data entered into the iGreebo Master Data are never disclosed to third parties except during the purchase or sale of products or services that require shipping or data communication. The user will be informed, by the special order procedures, whenever his/her personal information are communicated to the parties designed to provide the services purchased, and will be able to select the Master Data with which to buy the said goods and services.

Correction and deletion of personal data
If you decides to delete your account or a iGreebo Master Data, all personal information submitted will be deleted from the computer system of the portal, except for information relating to any trade and / or economic transactions that will be stored indefinitely by the system in order to ensure the traceability of transactions for fiscal and legal obligations. All other content that is not related to economic transactions will be deleted.
The user who want to delete his/her account must be also aware that in the event that he/she has made purchases on iGreebo Shops hosted and managed by the users (and therefore not attributable to iGreebo), his/her data will remain indefinitely in the availability of shop managers from which purchases have been made, in order to ensure the traceability of economic transactions on the portal. All other archives relating to the user will be deleted.

Document version: 30/06/2016