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Who is iGreebo?

Born by Music lovers, for music Lovers

Why iGreebo?
Greebo is a london slang that means a person who doesn't follow fashions and trends, for this reason we think this is the most appropriate name. iGreebo doesn't follow trends, iGreebo evolves the Music.

iGreebo thinks
iGreebo believes in a balanced business model, where profit is not the ultimate goal, but the natural consequence of the well-made things. For this reason iGreebo focuses on the interests of those who are working in music.

How amazes?
Providing advanced tools, highly professional and free, that are available to anyone with talent that desire to enter the world of music, but at the same time are able to reward the seriousness of established professionals, thanks to the progressive release of restrictions on the use of some features, which is based on parameters that evaluate the level of popularity and the ability to use the functionalities of every profile.


iGreebo Srl
Via Cesarea 12/5,
16121 Genova (Italy)
VAT No: IT02041580990
REA: 455.047 GE
Company Capital 40.000 EUR
SIAE License
Multimedia Service Provider
No. 4675/I/4354

Is the Music ready for?

iGreebo intends
to be the answer to this and to many other questions.