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the virtual manager for your musical creativity
but first at all make it known
Publish and Sell the music you produce
Earn also abroad with the Suggested music
Sell your tracks in the publishers' compilations
Rise the Rankings thanks to the users' appreciations
Sell your compilations with tracks from other artists
Agree the sales commissions with the Negotiations
and become the king of the stage!
Publish your lives in the events world calendar
Give visibility to other lives with the Promo events
Follow your favourite Artists
and discover the latest news with the timeline
Appreciate the Contents of the artists
and participate to the creation of the rankings
Listen and Purchase Music
Support the creativity of your idols, 100% (minimum) of the price will go to them
Buy the Music suggested by your artists
A part of the price will finance their creativity, and you don't pay anything more
Search Live Events everywhere in the world
Filter by event type, genre, age range and location
Vote for your favorite Artists
when they apply to play live their music
Buy Gadgets and Merchandising
to be cool and give support to your favorite artists!
Manage it, or somebody can do it for you
Sell gadgets, multimedia and merchandising products
Create a Sale network, other profiles will sell for you
Receive your commissions immediately when you sell
Don't you have a company? Search for a Provider
Become a provider with Third Party Sales
Produce gadgets and merchandising for other profiles
Manage the production and the Delivery to the buyer
Receive new requests and quotes for supply contracts
Use Negotiations to agree your costs with the profiles
Negotiate online with other users
Sales commissions for the songs in Compilations
Percentage of profit on the Suggested music
Breakdown of earnings of Production agreements
Commissions for the Sale network of your shop
Costs and the earnings of the Third party sales
Disclosure of Promo events
And you'll have more time for creativity
Receive immediately all your Earnings when you sell
Negotiate with your contacts without intermediaries
Get what belongs to you without having to ask
No costs or commissions on your agreements
It's cheaper for buyers
Lower commissions mean lower prices
It's cheaper for sellers
Get the 100%, all included without fixed costs
Receive immediately all your earnings
You will never have to ask what belongs to you according to your agreements
Transfer your credit to PayPal
and pay the costs of transactions only when you transfer money
It helps you to internationalize sales
Sell in over 200 countries with the network marketing
Accounting is simple
Download with a click fiscal statements and reports
iGreebo is safe and legal
Rewards your creativity and respects the copyright
who are bored by the usual music
Produce new talents with the Production agreements
Create and sell Compilations with artists' songs
Agree the sales commissions with the Negotiations
Manage and earn with the Merchandising of the artists
Do you have a band?
Search and Offer live dates exchange with other artists
Propose yourself to play live on musical events
Make your supporters vote for your application
For venues, events and music contests
Offer to the Artists your stage to play music live
Receive their live applications to your ad
Make the public vote who to play live on your stage
The music has to go back to be just what it is
Become you too a protagonist of this rebirth!